Video strategies

Video has proven to be the most engaging medium for content delivery. The engagement statistics are off the charts when compared with written content. So how can a hyperlocal newspaper use video cost effectively to engage audience?

Headline Run Down

Train your staff so that they can quickly and efficiently record a short daily 30 second to 3 minute headline rundown daily. Video production can be timely, but with practice it does get faster. Use that daily rundown to pull traffic from your social channels onto your newspaper.

Subtitles are key

Social media videos in particular need captioned as most users do not listen to social videos. So build a process for quickly subtitling your daily headlines onto the social videos.

Editorial Features

Longer form interview style videos are a great opportunity for your newspaper to build a trusted audience. When local issues arise which are of heated debate in your community, that presents a great opportunity to invest the time to create and produce longer form features pieces designed to engage the community and build your subscriptions.

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