Hyperlocal News Publishing Platform

Hyperlocal newspaper publishers support small community life, and normally live in the communities they cover. These publishers have an obligation to promote truth in their own communities.

This is personal.

We live the village life. Our team builds our own community’s news publishing platform and through years of building and maintaining The Island Free Press we’ve identified the right features to support your community and ours. Sign up for a demo.

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Make sure your local newspaper is around for many years to come.

Publishing Tools

Publishing Tools

Hyperlocal news platform gives you the tools you need to make publishing the news run on autopilot. Focus on the quality of the news, and let our team make publishing seamless.

  • email posting
  • automated email news
  • social media integration
  • integrated ad server
  • hosting
  • email
  • social features
Monetization Strategies

Monetization Strategies

Our communities rely on quality local news, but they must be sustainable. Keeping the paper going and reporters reporting requires money. Diversify your revenue channels with proven monetization strategies.

  • sponsored content
  • email advertising
  • sponsored emails
  • paid subscriptions
  • classifieds
  • business listings

Hyperlocal News Publishing Platform

WordPress CMS++
Hosting *++
Email Support++
Phone IVR++
Email News *++
Social engagement++
WordPress Ad server+
Integrated Google Ad Manager+
Business listings+
Monthly SEO & traffic analysis+
Sponsored Content+
Paid Subscriptions+
Content paywall+
Facebook Integration+
Google News+
Hyperlocal News
Content distribution
Phone support *+
$199 per month$399 per month
* limitations apply – details in the knowledge base

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